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Analytical Method in Reinforced Concrete

This book is unique in that it is the first book to list the equations for the prediction of the internal ultimate strength capacities of beams, columns and CFT (concrete-filled tube columns) and footing foundations to resist external axial and biaxial bending loads. Current literature uses the graphical methods including finite-element procedures and the interaction formula for biaxial bending on reinforced concrete. The equations are derived using only basic mathematics and preclude the use of the current rectangular stress block and interaction formula to solve the ultimate strength capacities of a reinforced concrete section. The equations are generic to the English, Metric and SI units. Examples are shown for the English and SI units. The analytical method employs for the first time the concept of capacity axis of a given reinforced concrete section for equilibrium of internal and external forces. Current methodology does not even recognized this basic geometric property of a reinforced concrete section which can yield different capacities at different positions of the moment axis perpendicular to the capacity axis. With the availability of personal computers these equations could easily be set up in Microsoft Excel worksheet to calculate the ultimate strength capacity of a rectangular and circular section in reinforced concrete. The civil or structural engineer can then use the ultimate strength value in deciding the safety and adequacy of his design. The analytical method illustrated in this book will imbue confidence to the structural engineer when predicting capacities of reinforced concrete beams, columns and footing foundations.

Author: P.E. Ramon V Jarquio
ISBN: 9781581125344
Pages: 256 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 17.86 Mb


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