Download Subcontractor's Operations Manual : Forms, Processes and Techniques – Sidney M. Levy, Larry Hager pdf

Subcontractor's Operations Manual : Forms, Processes and Techniques

Subcontractor's business success kit. Ready to take your subcontracting business over the top? Just follow the step-by-step techniques and procedures in Subcontractor's Operations Manual, by Sidney M. Levy. Here's everything you need to make your company more productive and profitable, including rock-solid advice for bidding on jobs, negotiating with general contractors, drawing up airtight contracts, scheduling work, dealing with change orders and more. What's more, you get a CD-ROM packed with nearly 40 reproducible business letters and forms you can use as is or easily customize. You'll see how to ask a general contractor to interpret specs…how to request a work inspection by the architect or engineer…even how to respond to an order to accelerate the work schedule. This business-building resource gives you the know-how to: *Win the contracts you need and want*Achieve bondability*Negotiate favorable terms*Prepare and stick to schedules*Handle claims and disputes*Deal with difficult general contractors*Develop marketing and business plans*Assemble design-build teams*Write effective business communications*And much more.

Author: Sidney M. Levy, Larry Hager
ISBN: 9780071348584
Pages: 350 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.48 Mb


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