Download Fire and Emergency Services Instructor I – Michael Finney pdf

Fire and Emergency Services Instructor I

Practical and straight-forward Fire and Emergency Services Instructor I is designed to provide fire officers the information they need to prepare for the instructor certification exam. Based on the 2002 Edition of NFPA Standard 1041 for Fire Instructor I, this book outlines the important role of the instructor and covers the details of classroom presentation, including program management, record-keeping, recognizing student needs and limitations, and lesson plan adaptation. Administering, grading, and reporting on tests is also covered to allow instructors to adequately interpret and gauge student progress over the length of the course. Intended as an instructional text for firehouses and academies, this book also serves as a handy reference tool for instructors.

Author: Michael Finney
ISBN: 9781401864323
Pages: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 38.43 Mb


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