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Fire and Building

When it comes to designing a new building – or indeed refurbishing an existing one – designers are faced with a mass of recommendations and statutory requirements relating to fire. Too often, however, they are taken into account at a late stage in the design process only, and this can then entail costly redesign work, or result in a less satisfactory design solution. Increasingly, it is necessary to design buildings not only to prevent risk to life from fire, but also to ensure that the building is rated as a low fire risk, therefore reducing insurance premiums. The professional's concern with fire does not end there. He is often called in to value a building for fire insurance purposes, to analyze the damage after a fire and to advise on, and negotiate the insurance claim. It is here that the quantity surveyor has a particular part to play. This book gives guidance on all these matters. It does not attempt to detail all recommendations and statutory requirements relating to fire, but it does bring together the key points about fire so that the professional is encouraged to "think fire" from the start.

Author: "Aqua Group"
ISBN: 9780246118783
Pages: 194 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.79 Mb


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