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Computer-aided Project Management

Computer-Aided Project Management is designed to introduce advanced undergraduate, graduate students and practitioners to the field of project or construction management. The text assumes some familiarity with the language of accounting, financing, procurement, scheduling and construction. Computer literacy, is prerequesite. The text will teach how to define a project in a language the customer can understand, and that the project team can use to deliver the project to the customer. The book covers all phases of the project and reinforces concepts through the us of case studies. The text builds a bridge from the genesis of project management principles through today's software. It shows what project management principles are, what they do and how they work in the software environment. An important feature of systems project management in this book is the inclusion of "scope" and "quality" in project management demonstrates them with case exercises using the computer as a tool. The case range from smaller to grander, more complicated projects. The text is ideal for use in upper division undergraduat and graduate level courses in civil, mechanical, and construction engineering.Although it is based on construction projects, the fundamentals of project management are applicable in many business sectors, public works, product launches, and software development. It is suitable for all kinds of projects owners and professional managers as the template for their own user's guide and performance criteria to pull together in-house functional and corporate departments, also to instruct computer analysis analysts and programmers in the development and implementation of computer systems.

Author: George Suhanic
ISBN: 9780195115918
Pages: 496 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.58 Mb


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