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Builder Illustrations Index 1843-1883

The Builder was the foremost illustrated architectural journal of the Victorian era. It began regular publication in 1843 and rapidly became influential. Now renamed Building, the journal is the UK's longest running business weekly.Originally founded by Joseph Hansom, best known for his famous cab, the journal's editor from 1844 to 1883 was the architect George Godwin. During its first forty years, the journal's illustrations were mainly from wood engravings, although the editor's interest in innovation ensured that new illustrative printing techniques were also tried.The journal's subject matter is broad and international. It includes new and old buildings of all types with associated arts and sciences, such as archaeology, sculpture, building materials and construction methods. Theatres, hospitals, almshouses, workhouses, opera houses and public houses all have their place. Godwin's personal interest in sanitary reform and conservation are well represented, and his visits to Victorian slum housing have full coverage.The 846-page Illustrations Index features the full catalogue and six comprehensive indexes to more than 12,000 images published in the journal from 1843 to 1883. The catalogue entries include a digest of the text accompanying the illustrations. The foreword, by HRH The Prince of Wales, is followed by an historical introduction.

Author: Ruth Richardson, Mr. Robert Thorne
ISBN: 9780907101062
Pages: 846 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 34.12 Mb


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