Download Fire Department Hydraulics – Eugene F. Mahoney, Brent E. Hannig pdf

Fire Department Hydraulics

Text only. This product does NOT include a Resource Central Access Code Card. To purchase the text with a Resource Central Access Code Card, please use ISBN: 0-13-294873-7 Now in full color throughout, this extensively updated text provides a complete foundation in fire department hydraulics, explaining how and why water is discharged from nozzles at the correct pressures to effectively fight fires. One step at a time, FIRE DEPARTMENT HYDRAULICS, 3/e clearly explains key concepts including the weight of water, friction loss within hoselines, characteristics of municipal water supplies, delivery of water to handlines and master streams, and much more. This edition's many improvements include: new full color diagrams, tables and photos; new safety alerts based on NFFF's life-safety initiatives; coverage of new tank shapes, containers, hoses, testing, and deck gun calculations; more effective organization; and extensive new web-based study resources.

Author: Eugene F. Mahoney, Brent E. Hannig
ISBN: 9780132577151
Pages: 400 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.25 Mb


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