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Builder's Guide to Room Additions

Building room additions and conversions is a multi-billion-dollar business every year. If you're already experienced in home building, you have the skills you need to succeed in this lucrative niche of the construction field. But it takes more than knowing how to frame straight and true. This manual shows you how to tackle items that are unique to room additions – like what is required for basement conversions, how to best box around unsightly beams and joists, methods of reinforcing ceiling joists for second-story conversions, requirements for bathroom additions, and how to complete attic conversions.Each job you take will have its challenges. And the greater the challenge, the better your profit potential. The trick is to identify problems and solve them before they dissolve your profit and erode your reputation. This book covers the problems you're likely to run into when converting basements, attics, garages, and adding rooms to existing houses – from the footings to the roof.Here you'll find how to build just about every item needed in constructing room additions: what's required for footings, foundations and slabs; how to plan floor, wall and ceiling framing; how to design and construct basement, attic, and main floor stairs; how to install sheathing and roofing; how to install interior and exterior finishes; how to design the best bathroom for the space; what's required in installing fireplaces and chimneys; and how to tackle electrical work in additions.And there's more. Besides the actual construction, you'll find help in designing, planning and estimating your jobs. Manhour charts, based on actual jobs the author has encountered in his long career, are provided for each part of the addition or conversion. They should improve the accuracy of your cost estimates, so you're sure you'll make a good profit, even on work you've never tackled before.Finally, there's a chapter on making a business plan, with advice on marketing, financing, hiring and record-keeping. If you're thinking of taking on room additions and conversions, you can't afford to be without this complete guide.

Author: Jack Payne Jones
ISBN: 9781572180314
Pages: 350 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.89 Mb


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