Download Advanced Analysis and Design of Plated Structures – Vladimir Kristek, Miroslav Skaloud pdf

Advanced Analysis and Design of Plated Structures

The need to economise on steel and other structural support materials has led to the development of new kinds of structures, amongst which thin-walled plated structures, i.e. structural systems made of thin plate elements, play a very important role. Their successful practical application requires adequate scientific data for reliable design, which has been the goal of numerous research teams worldwide, reporting on numerous aspects in the behaviour of plated structures. Containing the results of over ten years of research work, this volume provides a current overview for researchers in their study on the behaviour of plated structures, assisting them in the design of modern economical structures for buildings and bridges. The volume will be of particular interest to analysts and designers of civil engineering structures.

Author: Vladimir Kristek, Miroslav Skaloud
ISBN: 9780444987655
Pages: 334 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 12.47 Mb


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