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Georgia County Courthouses : The Architecture of Living Monuments

The State of Georgia is second only to Texas for the largest number of counties and courthouses in the country. Georgia is also the largest state east of the Mississippi River. "Georgia County Courthouses: The Architecture of Living Monuments" catalogs and celebrates each of the 159 courthouses in the state of Georgia. One might think ""you ve seen one courthouse, you ve seen them all"" but what I quickly learned as the sole photo documentarian on this project is each county and courthouse offers a diverse variety of architecture spanning Greco Roman, Victorian architecture to coastal courthouses made with Tabby Concrete. The book also inspires beyond the aesthetic, and provides a rich record for history buffs; both Georgians and non-Georgians alike as the county markers on each of the courthouse grounds pays tribute, for example, to those who died during the civil wars and to those who helped define Georgia s unique history. People like Joanna Troutman from Crawford County. In 1835 she gave a lone star flag to Georgia soldiers who were going to fight for the independence of Texas. The flag was later adopted as the Texas Emblem.It is my hope that this comprehensive lens on Georgia s past will provide a launch pad for future discoveries and help promote tourism in our great state both on and off the beaten path. As a proud citizen of Georgia I can t think of a better way to honor our unrepeatable history and place each county and courthouse in the spotlight.Please enjoy. from the Introduction by Rhett Turner"

Author: Rhett Turner
ISBN: 9780882409962
Pages: 176 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.00 Mb


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