Download Science and Technology of Concrete – Salim Barbhuiya, Aminul Islam Laskar pdf

Science and Technology of Concrete

This book contains fundamental concepts of concrete technology, including microstructure, rheology, durability, high performance concrete, non-destructive testing, special concrete, nanotechnology in cement and concrete science, and bio-mineralization in concrete and supplementary cementitious materials in concrete. The book provides promising new research and up-to-date information that can result in improved mechanical properties, volume change properties, durability, and sustainability, and also provides a unique base for scientists, engineers and practitioners to help set the future direction of the use of recent advances in concrete science.

Author: Salim Barbhuiya, Aminul Islam Laskar
ISBN: 9781498740616
Pages: 600 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 38.29 Mb


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