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Large Concrete Buildings

A prime objective of the clients of multistorey building projects is to ensure that the buildings earn revenue as quickly as possible and continue to generate revenue reliably. Hence, designers and contractors of such projects must maximize the speed of construction and the amount of rentable space whilst minimizing the cost of the project. Large Concrete Buildings is intended as a resource for practising engineers who are involved in the planning and design of concrete buildings. Written by a team of international experts, the book provides detailed information on a variety of planning and design topics. These include:life cycle planning for durability and performance; structural modelling of concrete buildings; computer-aided analysis and design; column length changes in tall buildings; the use of strut-and-tie modelling for rational design and detailing; fire engineering considerations; applications of high-strength concrete; use of masonry in concrete buildings; precast construction; and movement joints in buildings.This book is an ideal resource for all those involved in the construction of multistorey buildings, including civil and structural engineers, project managers, service engineers, contractors and architects. While a basic understanding of the concepts of structural analysis and design is assumed, it should also be of value to final-year undergraduate students of structural engineering and architecture, as well as to postgraduate students of structural engineering.

Author: V.J. Rangan, R.F. Warner
ISBN: 9780582101302
Pages: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 14.31 Mb


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