Download Design and Construction of a Solar Dryer – TOLULOPE OLUKUNLE, Mondiu O pdf

Design and Construction of a Solar Dryer

Solar energy over the years has provided an inexhaustible renewable and cheap source of energy. If well harnessed in food drying and preservation, it will prevent food spoilage and wastage. Comparing solar drying with other methods of drying, there has been a lot of improvement in the area of safety and proper drying of the food substance. This book evaluates critically two agricultural samples: banana and amaranthus spp. Detailed analysis of drying period and some of it's nutritional values of each sample has been worked upon. Students working on their final year project in colleges and universities will find this book very useful as a reference material in their various pursuit. Likewise, Research and Development (R&D) will further improve through the use of this book.

ISBN: 9783639334180
Pages: 60 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 12.93 Mb


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