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Computational Mechanics of Composite Materials

Computational Mechanics of Composite Materials lays stress on the advantages of combining theoretical advancements in applied mathematics and mechanics with the probabilistic approach to experimental data in meeting the practical needs of engineers. Features: Programs for the probabilistic homogenisation of composite structures with finite numbers of components allow composites to be treated as homogeneous materials with simpler behaviours. Treatment of defects in the interfaces within heterogeneous materials and those arising in composite objects as a whole by stochastic modelling. New models for the reliability of composite structures. Novel numerical algorithms for effective Monte-Carlo simulation. Computational Mechanics of Composite Materials will be of interest to academic and practising civil, mechanical, electronic and aerospatial engineers, to materials scientists and to applied mathematicians requiring accurate and usable models of the behaviour of composite materials.

Author: Marcin Marek Kaminski
ISBN: 9781849968713
Pages: 436 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 34.69 Mb


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