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Passivhaus : A Guide to Design and Construction

Buildings designed to the PassivHaus standard are emerging as one of the most effective means of reducing energy use and carbon emissions, often by as much as 80 90%. In the drive to minimise the impact of climate change the potential of buildings designed, built, or refurbished to the PassivHaus standard is considerable. It is worthy of note that this demanding standard places a great deal of emphasis upon the design of the building envelope and as a consequence a high level of skill is required throughout the design and construction process. Whilst the prospects of PassivHaus may be tremendous, the pathway to delivering such buildings on a large scale is beset by challenges. Buildings are systematically failing to perform in accordance with predictions; often by as much as 70 100%. These failures are not due to the technology or the physics, PassivHaus concepts have been proven in over 15,000 buildings, but to the lack of knowledge and skills to implement it. This book provides for the first time in the English language a practical guide which first exposes the failings that are endemic to the construction industry and then plug the gaps. This book aims to be a first step in the development of the skills that will allow the delivery of PassivHaus on a mass scale.

Author: Dr Mark Siddall
ISBN: 9781849711579
Pages: 320 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 38.00 Mb


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