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Hot Homes : How to Live with Heat

This is an essential guide for anyone contemplating life on the hot side: international location photography. A fantastic resource book for anyone interested in contemporary style, it is a 'must have' for those building or decorating a home anywhere: tips on efficiency and tricking nature are invaluable. It has been compiled by a highly respected journalist and authority on interior design. With global warming affecting the world, and with more of us adopting second homes as an escape, we must ask, how do we cope in a hot climate? There are high-tech and lo-tech methods to cool a house down, but first we must select our materials for building and witness what others have done. Suzanne Trocme analyses the methods and devices for successful hot living. The lively text is supported by new photography of hot houses in different locations in the world's warmest territories. The book is broken down into 3 main chapters, each one looking at different aspects of designing a house for a hot climate.Chapter 1 looks at terrain and how this can be used to keep a house cool, the second chapter looks at the different materials that can be used to achieve the same effect and the third chapter covers colours and furniture to be used in the home. Taken together, this book is the ideal purchase for anyone buying a second home or moving to warmer climes.

Author: Suzanne Trocme
ISBN: 9781903221402
Pages: 176 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 32.32 Mb


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