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Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete : A World Review

This book is unique in providing authoritative and up to date expert information on the causes and effects of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (AAR) in concrete structures worldwide. Although there are a number of text books offering readers short sections that deal with this particular type of deterioration and damage to concrete, no single book other than this gathers together the consensus views of recognised international experts in the field, and the wealth of scattered research information that is available. It provides a 'state of the art' review and deals authoritatively with the mechanisms of AAR, its diagnosis and the methods of treatment of this problem where it develops in concrete. It provides accurate information on the most recent research results concerning AAR as it affects concrete structures and covers the practical approaches of dealing with the problem. It is illustrated by numerous actual case study examples taken from many parts of the world. The book has been compiled from the expert contributions provided by senior engineers and scientists from many parts of the world. It is divided into two distinct but complementary parts.The first five chapters deal with the most recent findings concerning the mechanisms involved in the reaction, methods concerning its diagnosis, testing and evaluation, together with an appraisal of current methods used in its avoidance and in the remediation of affected concrete structures. The second part of the book is divided into nine chapters covering each region of the world in turn. They have been written by experts with specialist knowledge of AAR in the particular region and give a state of the art and authoritative appraisal of the problem and its solution as it affects concrete structures in every country within each of these regions. The authoritative compilation of information on this topic has not been attempted previously on this scale and is therefore a reference source essential to professional civil engineers, consultant engineers, aggregate producers, designers, cement and concrete producers. It also forms an authoritative source reference book where technical and legal issues of dispute arise anywhere in the world.In 1992 a first edition entitled Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete was published in a first attempt to cover this concrete problem with a global perspective, but the coverage was incomplete. This new completely rewritten edition offers a fully complete and universal coverage of the global situation concerning AAR and includes a wealth of new evidence and research information that has accumulated in the intervening years.

Author: Alan B. Poole, Ian Sims
ISBN: 9781138027565
Pages: 400 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 38.73 Mb


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