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Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design

Written by an engineer with decades of practical manufacturing experience, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and is a complete modern guide to sheet metal forming processes and die design – still the most commonly used methodology for the mass-production manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, and complex high-precision parts. Included are the "hows" and "whys" of product analysis, as well as the techniques for blanking, punching, bending, deep drawing, stretching, material economy, strip design, movement of metal during stamping, and tooling. Its focus is on simple, applicable engineering methods rather than complex numerical techniques. It emphasizes the influence of materials as an aid to understanding manufacturing processes and operations. It features the essential mathematical formulas and calculations needed for various die operations and performance evaluation. It shows the comparative advantages and liabilities for each manufacturing process and operation. It offers a complete picture of the knowledge and skills needed for the effective design of dies for sheet-metal forming processes highlighted with illustrative examples.It provides properties and typical applications of selected tool and die materials for various die parts.

Author: Vukota Boljanovic
ISBN: 9780831134921
Pages: 450 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 38.11 Mb


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