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Concrete in the Service of Mankind

Concrete is ubiquitous and unique, found in every developed and developing country. Indeed, there are no alternatives to concrete as a volume construction material for infrastructure. This raises important questions of how concrete should be designed and constructed for cost effective use in the the short and long term, and to encourage further radical development. Equally, it must be environmentally friendly during manufacture, in an aesthetic presentation in structures and in the containment of harmful materials. The central theme of the Congress was Concrete in the Service of Mankind , under which five self-contained Conferences, each dealing with a particular aspect, were held. The Congress offered the opportunity to discuss how to improve and extend this service to mankind using responsible exploitation, underwritten by sound technical understanding and research base. It brought together the shared skills and experience of the various disciplines involved in the construction process world wide.This major publication continues the tradition established by Dundee University of organising major international conferences every three years dealing with some aspect of concrete and also the link between Spon and Dundee University for publication of the proceedings.

Author: Ravindra K. Dhir
ISBN: 9780419215004
Pages: 3500 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 17.44 Mb


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