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HAPM Guide to Defects Avoidance

Many who approach the subject of building failure do so without recognising that defective design often stems from not understanding the difference between a defect and its consequences and that, conversely, the consequences of a defect cannot be 'made good' until the defect itself has been diagnosed and remedied. It is this crucial distinction between cause and effect that the Guide to Defect Avoidance seeks to address. Using full colour illustrations, the Guide lists and describes a wide range of construction defects, selected and rated by Construction Audit Ltd. on the basis of a decade of experience gained in auditing the construction of over 4,000 newbuild housing schemes. Each defect is clearly related to its potential consequences before being presented in the context of a 'problem' and how it may be avoided. Common mistakes are highlighted and the reader directed to an extensive range of further reading.Drawing together in a unique and practical way much tried-and-tested information, the Guide to Defect Avoidance is essential reading for busy designers and contractors, those engaged in the investigation of building failures, and anyone involved in the procurement and management of low-rise housing of predominantly traditional construction. Construction Audit Ltd. is a subsidiary of defects and whole life performance specialists Building Performance Group Ltd. Christopher Garrand is an architect. Chris Garrand

Author: Construction Audit Ltd
ISBN: 9780419248903
Pages: 128 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.66 Mb


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