Download Noise Control in Buildings : Fundamental and Applications – Mahavir Singh pdf

Noise Control in Buildings : Fundamental and Applications

Controlling noise in buildings is an important part of an architect's and engineer's responsibility. This book provides practical guidelines on avoiding noise problems during the design and construction of new buildings, and eliminating noise in existing structures. Leading experts in noise control cover such topics as properties of sound absorptive materials, acoustical characteristics of rooms, airborne sound insulation, and structure-borne sound insulation. Included are proven methods – and technical data – for dealing with noise, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, and machinery, plus information on the design of buildings for noise control. Now available to a new generation, this classic is a must-have for architects, interior designers, engineers, and all others concerned with the design and construction of buildings who need to know the basics of architectural acoustics, but who don't have the time to digest wordy presentations.

Author: Mahavir Singh
ISBN: 9788184873429
Pages: 150 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 19.85 Mb


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