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Applied Close-Range Photogrammetry in Construction

On construction sites, the digital photos have been routinely applied for project management, such as documentation of daily activities and provision of visual aids for better communication. With the advance of the surveying technique of close-range photogrammetry, information from the two-dimensional (2D) digital images can be extracted to construct three-dimensional (3D) knowledge, which is of great assistance for site engineers, for example, to sketch profiles of site elements, measure structure geometric dimensions, and track progress states of an ongoing product. For the benefit of construction professionals who are interested in utilizing or developing close-range photogrammetry, this book introduces the fundamentals of this technique and applies it to analytically 1) model 3D construction site elements by point and shoot photography, 2) measure the geometric dimensions of building products, and 3) augment site photos with 3D graphics of underground facilities for better quality investigation and progress visualization of infrastructure construction.

Author: Fei Dai, Ming Lu
ISBN: 9783844322866
Pages: 112 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 29.79 Mb


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