Download International Building Code: Code and Commentary, Volume 2 – International Code Council pdf

International Building Code: Code and Commentary, Volume 2

Master the second half of the 2006 International Building Code with this practical resource that features detailed figures and illustrations and a straightforward writing style. An extension of the 2006 IBC Code and Commentary Volume I, this book devotes attention to chapters 16 through 35 of the 2006 IBC. Each section of the code is presented and then followed by a commentary that offers supplemental information, including implications of the code requirements, the best methods for successfully and effectively applying the code, and the potential consequences of not adhering to it. Designed to reinforce key code concepts and make them easier to apply in real-world situations, it is a valuable reference for anyone seeking a better understanding of the 2006 IBC.

Author: International Code Council
ISBN: 9781580014809
Pages: 1 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 39.73 Mb


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