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Hapm Component Life Manual on CD-Rom

The HAPM Component Life Manual broke new ground on its launch in 1992 in providing comprehensive life span assessments for over 500 building components. Kept right up to date with its six-monthly updates containing additional components, new legislation and detailing changes to Standards and Codes, the HAPM Component Life Manual on CD-ROM combines vital component data with the ease of use of electronic delivery. Features of this CD: * generic component descriptions in order of durability * stated life variations according to component location * stated adjustment factors for local conditions * assumptions made when assessing insured the insured life of components * and a recommended maintenance level to achieve insured lives The CD will also allow simple navigation by using book marks or table of contents to: * search the entire manual for key words and phrases * cut and paste text from the manual into specifications & tenders * print specific sections of the manual for inclusion in proposal documents & tenders The HAPM Component Life Manual on CD-ROM has been compiled on behalf of Housing Association Property Mutual by Construction Audit Ltd., a subsidiary of defects specialists, Building Performance Ltd., recently awarded the contracts to draft the new International Standard, ISO1501586, on durability.

Author: London Construction Audit Ltd
ISBN: 9780419249108
Pages: 454 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.44 Mb


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