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Painting, Staining and Finishing

The Professional Painter's Bible. Brush up on the latest painting methods and technologies. . .discover new and improved materials. . .capitalize on products customized for specific uses. In Tom Philbin's Painting, Staining & Finishing, you get wide-ranging advice on everything from selecting and using the best materials for exterior work. . .to applying the most efficient wood stripping methods. . .to mastering the art of hanging wallpaper. packed with illustrations, case studies, tricks of the trade and time-saving tips, this hands-on guide gives you the know-how to handle any problem solving: tools and equipment; primers; specialty finishes; wood stripping; estimating supplies; interior painting; exterior painting and staining; wallpapering; floor refinishing; metric conversions; more.

Author: Tom Philbin
ISBN: 9780070497306
Pages: 317 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 34.04 Mb


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