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Fighting Car Fires

Car fires may be common to the fire service, but they should never be considered routine. Firefighters who fight such fires with a complacent attitude are setting themselves up for serious injuries. Be aware of the hidden dangersfrom flammable liquids to exploding components to oncoming trafficand how to protect yourself by wearing the proper equipment, employing the correct tactics, and operating with adequate resources. Captain Bill Gustin, a 26-year veteran of the fire service, demonstrates safe and effective techniques for extinguishing car fires. He discusses the main features and components of late-model cars and how they affect firefighting efforts, as well as what to expect with fires in older makes and models. See from actual car fires how magnesium reacts to water, what happens when the fire reaches the fuel tank, how to spot apparatus, how to approach the scene, and the best ways to open hoods and trunks. (Originally taped in 1998.)

Author: Bill Gustin
ISBN: 9781593700911

Format: PDF
Size: 24.77 Mb


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