Download Seismic Retrofitting of Rc Buildings – Raja Rizwan Hussain, Mohammad Wasim pdf

Seismic Retrofitting of Rc Buildings

This book aims at detailed analysis and structural design of high rise buildings with real life examples. The knowledge of the design of high building for gravity and seismic loading is highly essential for the upcoming engineers to work in actual field efficiently. The various structural analysis and design aspect for high rise buildings are taught in the undergraduate level but not in full depth. Therefore the objective of this book is to understand the analysis and design of high rise building for gravity and seismic analysis. Since the designing for gravity and seismic is usual in actual field but retrofitting of high rise building is less common but it is highly important to study. In this report retrofitting techniques are also proposed for high rise building taking into account of the gravity and seismic loads. The understanding of current softwares for design is the need of the hour especially for the design structural engineers. Therefore, ETABS was used for the analysis of gravity and for earthquake loads. The gravity analysis and design is based on ACI-99 and earthquake analysis is based on UBi97.

Author: Raja Rizwan Hussain, Mohammad Wasim
ISBN: 9783639250558
Pages: 172 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 13.51 Mb


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