Download Architectural Elements: Single User : Interior Construction Details – Andy Shelander, Karm M. Wahab pdf

Architectural Elements: Single User : Interior Construction Details

More than 1,000 CAD-compatible interior details for use in any system. Select, copy, modify, and done – Less than 20 cents per detail! This is an architectural drafting dream tool. It provides fine standard details with drag-and-drop convenience. The ultimate project-simplifying, money-saving tool, this easy-to-use CD gives you 1,000 essential interior construction design details, ready to plug into drawings in any CAD program. You get high-powered access to a matchless library of tested nonstructural and non-load-bearing elements for all types of buildings, from residences to institutions. There's simply no easier, faster, or better way to complete working, design, and construction renderings."Architectural Elements Interior Construction Details CD-ROM" features: 1,000 standard CAD details for nonstructural and non-load-bearing elements in all types of buildings; great index for identifying most useful details; details organized by element for easy browsing; typical and specialty details, all fully modifiable; preview feature for comparing details before importing; efficiency-boosting symbols, legends, and graphic tools; proven to boost design and drafting productivity; and, compatibility with AutoCAD 14, 2000, LT97, and LT98, and any system using .DWG or .DXF formats. It is Windows and Macintosh compatible.Add more than 1,000 ready-to-run interior construction details to your CAD arsenal instantly. It also features: acoustical treatments; assemblies; cabinetry; ceilings; conveying systems; doors; electrical systems; fire protection systems; floors; furnishings; glass; hardware; interior millwork; interior glazing; interior trim; lighting; plaster; plumbing and HVAC; railings; specialty; details; stairs; thermal and moisture protection; terrazzo; tile; wallboard; walls; Window treatments; and, more.Minimum system requirements(Both require CAD application): Windows – IBM PC or compatible, 80486 or faster, 640 x 480 pixel, 256 video color board and monitor, 8 MB RAM minimum, and 2X CD-ROM drive; and, Macintosh – 68040 or faster System, 7.0 operating system or higher, 640 x 480 pixel, 256 video color board and monitor, 16 MB RAM minimum, 2x CD-ROM drive, and Mouse and printer optional.

Author: Andy Shelander, Karm M. Wahab
ISBN: 9780071370776
Pages: 1000 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 30.54 Mb


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