Download Suburban Fire Tactics from the Right Seat – Jim Silvernail, Dave Casey, Chris Niebling pdf

Suburban Fire Tactics from the Right Seat

The objectives and strategies in the fire service are universal for any demographic, urban, suburban, and rural. However, the true challenge is tactical implementation. To address these challenges, Chief Silvernail has teamed up with Chief Casey and Captain Niebling to delve into the world of suburban fire tactics. This DVD examines tactics based on differing levels of staffing and available resources in scenarios ranging from houses to strip malls. Each scenario is followed by a roundtable discussion in which the authors discuss their personal experiences. This DVD can be used by fire departments for training in tactics as well individual firefighters to enhance their knowledge of tactics and study for promotional opportunities. Features include:* Twelve scenarios, including fires in apartment complexes, houses, and strip malls* Decision-making priorities based on staffing levels* Illustrations of real-world implementation of the concepts addressed in Jim Silvernail's book Suburban Fire Tactics

Author: Jim Silvernail, Dave Casey, Chris Niebling
ISBN: 9781593703806

Format: PDF
Size: 31.97 Mb


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