Download Flux Cored ARC Weld 2 Seeting – Delmar pdf

Flux Cored ARC Weld 2 Seeting

Ideal for true beginners, this set of 4 videos introduces essential flux cored arc welding principles and techniques. Individual tapes address everything from set-up, to beginning through intermediate welds. Step-by-step instruction in each video is aimed at assisting viewers in developing basic hand skills. Live action, close-ups, and step-by-step animations are featured. The importance of safety, as well as the proper use of safety equipment, is also stressed. Available on VHS cassettes, or CD-ROM, this series also features a set of corresponding activity sheets to help viewers apply what they have seen on each video to the welding shop. Tapes and CDs may be purchased separately, or as a complete set. The entire series may be used independently, or as a supplement to any welding textbook.

Author: Delmar
ISBN: 9780766822948

Format: PDF
Size: 15.34 Mb


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