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Value Chain Management

Value chain management has the potential benefit to deliver best value outputs, while improves quality, cost and time. However, it is not widely known and applied on Vietnam. Thus, the research focuses on main issues of current management and value chain management on Vietnamese companies to find their critical efficiencies and acceptability. Data collection was conducted on interviewing thirty- seven top managers and questionnaire forty line managers of fifty pure Vietnamese companies. Eight foreign top managers are moreover interviewed and benchmarked against local managers' perceptions. The descriptive statistics and hypothesis tests are used to analyze the data. The finding shows higher knowledge and application of traditional management while value chain management is very far from Vietnamese companies. The research recommends Vietnamese companies investing into new management methods, especially value chain management to enhance competitive abilities, generate better value output. In order to do so, Vietnamese attitudes and perceptions for current management system should be changed to suit with philosophy of the free market economy

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