Download Suspension and Steering: Tyres/Wheels Set 1 – tape 1 – Delmar pdf

Suspension and Steering: Tyres/Wheels Set 1 - tape 1

This two-part, eight-tape series uses live action video and professional-quality animations to introduce viewers to automotive suspension and steering basics. Whether used independently, or as a supplement to any automotive technology book, each 20-minute tape guides viewers to a more complete understanding of important theory as well as the diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repair procedures used by today's automotive technicians. Suspensions is the focus of the first set of four tapes which introduces viewers to the basics of tires and wheels, shock absorbers and struts, plus front- and rear-suspensions. The second set of four tapes examines elements of the steering system, including: steering gears, steering columns and linkages, power steering pumps, and four-wheel alignment. In all tapes, actual automotive technicians, authentic automotive repair shops, and late-model vehicles are used to ensure that information is presented as realistically as possible.

Author: Delmar
ISBN: 9780766842151

Format: PDF
Size: 18.08 Mb


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