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Prescriptions for A Healthy House

Although there is nothing complicated about constructing healthier homes, building for health is still not standard practice, and in fact there are many aspects of conventional home construction that are detrimental to human wellbeing. From foundation to rooftop, to home care and repair, "Prescriptions for a Healthy House" takes the mystery out of healthy-house building, renovation and maintenance, by walking the owner/architect/builder team through the entire construction process. Chapters include: Frame construction alternatives Thermal and moisture control Finishes Flooring Furnishings. The authors — an architect, medical doctor and restoration consultant — bring a singular combination of expertise and perspectives to this book. The result — now in its third completely updated edition — is a unique guide to creating healthy indoor and outdoor spaces, including many new resources, as well as specialized knowledge from several nationally recognized experts in the field of building biology. This unique guide will appeal to architects, designers, contractors, medical professionals and homeowners. Paula Baker-Laporte is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and is considered one of the leading proponents of healthy building in North America. After struggling with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and regaining her own health, she became deeply interested in creating the most health-enhancing built environments possible, eventually turning to the European-based study of Bau-biologie or Building Biology. Together with Robert Laporte, Paula created the EcoNest concept and she has worked as the architect for the EcoNest Company for nearly 2 decades. She is the author of "Prescriptions for a Healthy House" and the co-author of "Econest: Creating Sustainable Sanctuaries of Clay, Straw and Timber." John C. Banta is a senior indoor environmental consultant for Restorations Consultants, Inc. Erica Elliott MD is a medical doctor specializing in environmental medicine and family practice.

Author: Paula Baker-Laporte
ISBN: 9781897408209
Pages: 354 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 34.91 Mb


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