Download In Fire's Way : A Practical Guide to Life in the Wildfire Danger Zone – T. Wolf pdf

In Fire's Way : A Practical Guide to Life in the Wildfire Danger Zone

This book which is written by an environmental journalist with advanced degrees in forestry offers readers a partnership role not just with fire-fighters but with fire itself. Designed to help westerners understand the Wildfire Danger Zone in the Rocky Mountain states, it focuses closely on New Mexico and Colorado, going beyond technical questions to larger life-style issues. Beginning with discussions of the general properties of wildfire, the ways residents can minimise property damage, and lessons for how to avoid conflagrations such as those that have devastated the mountain communities of Los Alamos and Durango, the book proposes the formation of partnerships at the local, state, and federal levels to manage fire for the health of local ecosystems. Fire management is inevitably controversial. Proposals for reducing combustibility by increasing logging are as offensive to some citizens as increased government regulations are to others. Prescribed and controlled burns are essential but frightening. As the rural West attracts more suburbanites who expect government agencies to keep them safe, ranchers and farmers are increasingly vocal in their opposition to federal regulations.This book offers the first review of proven methods to create co-operation among these diverse westerners to reduce the dangers of wildfire.

Author: T. Wolf
ISBN: 9780826320964
Pages: 168 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.35 Mb


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