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Plumbing: Trainee Guide Level 4

This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Business Principles for Plumbers, Introductory Skills for the Crew Leader, Water Pressure Booster and Recirculation Systems, Indirect and Special Waste, Hydronic and Solar Heating Systems, Codes, Servicing Piping Systems – Fixtures and Appliances, Private Water Supply Well Systems, Private Waste Disposal Systems, Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs, and Plumbing for Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers. Instructor Supplements Instructors: Product supplements may be ordered directly through OASIS at For more information contact your Pearson NCCER/Contren Sales Specialist at* Annotated Instructor's Guide (AIG) Paperback 978-0-13-227308-4* Additional TestGen Software Access Code Cards 978-0-13-802438-3 * PowerPoint(R) Presentation Slides 978-0-13-608660-4 NCCER CONNECT Trainee Guide Paperback + Access Card Package: $119 978-0-13-301643-7 IG Paperback + Access Card Package: $194 978-0-13-301642-0 Access Card ONLY for Trainee Guide: $94 (does not include print book) 978-0-13-299485-9 Access Card ONLY for IG: $100 (does not include print book) 978-0-13-302132-5 ELECTRONIC Access Code ONLY for Trainee Guide: $94 (must be ordered electronically via OASIS; does not include print book) 978-0-13-302224-7 ELECTRONIC Access Code ONLY for IG: $100 (must be ordered electronically via OASIS; does not include print book) 978-0-13-302226-1

Author: Nccer
ISBN: 9780132273053
Pages: 372 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 38.39 Mb


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