Download House Beautiful Take Charge of Your Home Renovation – MS Susan Boyle Hillstrom pdf

House Beautiful Take Charge of Your Home Renovation

House Beautiful has given its classic home renovation guide a makeover so that home renovators can get the freshest and best ideas on how to manage any home improvement project — no matter how large. "Explains how to survive working with remodeling pros in nine easy steps."–Bridal Guide Magazine. House Beautiful's unsurpassed guide to home renovation has now received its own freshening up, with a new design and cover, as well as an extensive, updated resource and reference section. With it on hand, homeowners can avoid the many potential pitfalls and unnecessary costs of remodeling. Here is crucial advice on how to interview and hire contractors, designers, and architects; set a budget and negotiate to get the best deal; avoid unscrupulous or sloppy contractors and con artists; troubleshoot and manage the project once construction has started; and get the job done on schedule. Following House Beautiful's smart and sensible guidelines, anyone can think like a contractor and understand how their own behavior can increase the chances of a renovation's success.

Author: MS Susan Boyle Hillstrom
ISBN: 9781588164346
Pages: 221 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 32.70 Mb


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