Download Fireground Strategies Scenarios Workbook – Anthony Avillo pdf

Fireground Strategies Scenarios Workbook

In the new second edition of the Scenarios Workbook, Chief Avillo presents all new scenarios, taking advantage of his method of "challenge-based learning" to reinforce the lessons learned from the Fireground Strategies textbook. As with his first Scenarios Workbook, the new edition is a workable study guide that serves as a companion to the textbook, giving students the opportunity to test themselves in simulated fireground situations. Following each scenario section, there are multiple-choice and short-answer questions, along with answers and explanations. Chief Avillo has provided in-depth explanations of answers to help students understand the reason for the strategy or tactic.

Author: Anthony Avillo
ISBN: 9781593702274
Pages: 275 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 12.68 Mb


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