Download Blueprint Reading for Plumbers in Residential & Commercial – J.R. Guest, B. D'Arcangelo pdf

Blueprint Reading for Plumbers in Residential & Commercial

This one-of-a-kind text develops the ability to interpret trade blueprints and to plan the installation of the required plumbing. All content in this edition has been updated to the latest code, pipe and fitting materials, and fixture design. The text is divided into four concise sections, covering the types of piping drawings which a plumber must be able to interpret, the principles and applications of isometric sketching, and mastering the reading of trade blueprints; the final section discusses the special problems encountered in commercial plumbing installations, with a full set of blueprints of an actural two-story commercial building for student application. This book should be of interest to post-secondary vocational plumbing students.

Author: J.R. Guest, B. D'Arcangelo
ISBN: 9780827334595
Pages: 176 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.99 Mb


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