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Step Up and Lead

In his new book Step Up and Lead, Frank Viscuso-author, speaker, and career deputy chief-shares the secrets of effective fire service leadership, introduces the traits and skills essential for successful fire service leaders, and discusses the importance of customer service. Designed to help you reach the top of your profession, this new book is considered must-read material for anyone who is ready to step up and lead! Contents: Foreword by Vincent Dunn; Acknowledgments; A leader of one; Leadership traits; Leadership skills; Customer service; Call to action; Index. Features and Benefits:Utilise the talents, skills & abilities of othersEffectively delegate tasksDeal with subordinate problemsCritique othersPrevent freelancingCreate a mentorship programmeImprove workplace moraleProvide praise and recognitionConduct effective meetingsTackle administrative tasksCreate programmesCommunicate and presentLead on the firegroundSet and achieve goalsProvide exceptional customer serviceMake high pressure decisionsGain a competitive advantage with promotions

Author: Frank Viscuso
ISBN: 9781593703080
Pages: 271 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 39.81 Mb


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