Download Earth Masonry : Design and Construction Guidelines (EP 80) – Tom Morton pdf

Earth Masonry : Design and Construction Guidelines (EP 80)

Earth masonry is the one of the oldest and most widespread building materials. Though technologically simple, it can produce a durable architecture of considerable artistic sophistication, and buildings that are appropriate to their climate and suited to a wide range of uses. A timeless construction material, earth brick has an important technical role to play in the current exciting phase in the development of ecological architectural technology. Humidity control, low embodied carbon and near zero waste are key characteristics of earth buildings, but all involved in design, construction and use of buildings need guidance on using this unfamiliar material in the modern construction industry. This book fills in the considerable gaps in our understanding of earth masonry, with a factual account of technical, design and construction issues. It also explores the cultural background to earth masonry, with an enthusiasm for the subject born of conviction for its potential, even for sizeable projects. It gives technical details as well as practical guidance and is extensively illustrated.

Author: Tom Morton
ISBN: 9781860819780
Pages: 160 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 24.42 Mb


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