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The Lit Environment

Building on the success of his previous two books in this series, "The Lit Environment" sees Derek Phillips approaching the topic of exterior lighting. This book addresses the issues raised by the perception of light experienced by people who are outside buildings. It is not simply about floodlighting buildings, but takes a more embracing approach to deal with light for the whole external environment. It covers a comprehensive range of buildings, through 30 international case studies, including buildings in Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Egypt and the United States. The book represents a strong fusion of science and quantity with light and vision. Visually inclined designers should understand how science can improve their vision and engineers with a strong science basis should understand how they can come to terms with visual affects. This book illustrates the essence of how to light buildings well. You can benefit from the experience and knowledge of a top architect and lighting engineer. You can gain an understanding of the design principles involved with this comprehensive overview of exterior lighting.International case studies from Lyon to Tel Aviv as well as the United States show theory in practice.

Author: Derek Phillips
ISBN: 9780750648899
Pages: 216 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 10.32 Mb


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