Download Scheduling for Home Builders with Microsoft Project – David A Marchman, Tulio Sulbaran pdf

Scheduling for Home Builders with Microsoft Project

Your company's ability to complete a high-quality home on time and within budget is your most important asset. Don't let scheduling problems destroy it. Master project scheduling and you'll lower overhead and boost profits. Create efficient schedules to monitor and control construction progress using Microsoft Project 2010. You'll produce more projects with the same management staff and fewer headaches in the field and the back office. This book will help you schedule your next project with confidence and ease. Learn how to: record and communicate progress; control financial, human, and physical resources; record expenditures and analyze cost details; manage cash flow and tasks; creat a baseline schedule and updates. Don't let sloppy scheduling eat up the time and money you need to build your business and move on to your next profitable project.

Author: David A Marchman, Tulio Sulbaran
ISBN: 9780867186789
Pages: 135 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.13 Mb


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