Download Pride & Ownership : A Firefighter's Love of the Job – Rick Lasky pdf

Pride & Ownership : A Firefighter's Love of the Job

Pride and Ownership holds no punches. Chief Rick Lasky takes a hard look at the fire service and finds it short on the only element that makes it effective: passion. Chief Lasky gives an upfront and honest criticism about the need to reignite the love of the job on every level, from chiefs on down. Key Features: * History and traditions of the fire service with overviews of some of the most important fire service leaders, * Detailed explanations of ceremonies for all ocasions from a firefighter's initiation to retirement, * Over 150 photos displaying the rites and ceremonies, * Helpful appendices full of sample documents for fire company use.

Author: Rick Lasky
ISBN: 9781593700782
Pages: 350 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 35.72 Mb


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