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Prairie Churches

Steeples stand out here on the prairies and plains of North Dakota. They are eclipsed by few other structures in the countryside, creating a cultural landscape like no other. Testaments to faith and community, the prairie churches of North Dakota captured the heart of the nation. Through the Grassroots Grant Program, Preservation North Dakota–a statewide nonprofit dedicated to preserving and celebrating the architecture, historic places, and communities in the varied landscapes of our prairie state–has to date awarded nearly $150,000 in grants, beginning with the twenty-six prairie churches preservation projects across the state that are featured in this book. Preservation North Dakota and its partners have made a huge investment in the people and places that make North Dakota unique. Prairie Churches, with its stunning photos and success stories, is a commemoration of all that has been accomplished over the past decade. Color and black & white photos, Bibliographic Note, Index

Author: Lauren Hardmeyer Donovan, John Toso, Thomas D Isern
ISBN: 9781934690543
Pages: 83 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 39.50 Mb


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