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Plumbing Encyclopaedia

This book is designed in encyclopaedic form to enable the student, plumber or heating engineer to select information quickly on specific aspects of their craft. The book includes over 1500 entries, with more than 370 illustrations, describing terms, components, working practices etc. used in the mechanical services industry, particularly in the field of plumbing. The topics include: cold and hot water supplies; sanitation; drainage; sheet weathering; soldering and welding; gas and oil supplies; hot water heating; warm air heating; radiant heating; steam heating; solar heating; air conditioning; electrical work; building science; and, many more. The latest edition includes over 200 new or revised entries, with more details on aspects of the gas industry. It also now covers air conditioning. Many changes to legislation and British Standards have occurred since the last edition and these have also been included.

Author: R. D. Treloar
ISBN: 9781405106139
Pages: 528 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 32.44 Mb


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