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Emergency One Fire Apparatus 1974-2007

From an inconspicuous beginning in Ocala, Florida, in 1974, Emergency One rocketed to the front rank of the U.S. fire apparatus industry in less than a decade. E-One s astonishing rise stunned its long-established competitors and changed the way fire apparatus was constructed in the United States. E-One s success was achieved by using pre-built interchangeable modules installed on any commercial truck chassis, and a complete fire truck could be ready in 30-60 days instead of the six months to a year needed by its competitors. E-One's quick upstart allowed them to introduce their own custom cab-forward chassis in 1984, the Hurricane, which was also highly successful. Today, E-One remains the industry s second-largest player, behind rival Pierce. This book is packed full of colorful photos, and each chapter on various models covers the earliest rigs to today s beauties."

Author: Kent Parrish
ISBN: 9781583882252
Pages: 112 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 30.81 Mb


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