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Careers : Health Promoter

A Health Promoter is one who works to improve health of persons through education, behavioural change and environmental improvement.*Though targeted at the young people of Saint Lucia this book presents career guidance information that may be used by anyone – the young and the old (in search of that second career) as well as anyone living outside of the Caribbean Island.*Too many people do not know what career path to follow; or having decided on a career are not sure on how to achieve the goal. These books target all young people: those at Secondary (high) Schools as well as those in prison, at remedial school, or drop outs. A mistake in one’s youth should not be a deterrent to anyone achieving their career goals.*The intention, as with all these books is to provide information in an easy to absorb manner.*The series speaks to the reality of funding, encourages entrepreneurship and speaks frankly to the job opportunities that exist for the chosen career.*This is an excellent resource for the youth that is worth sharing! – World Bank

Author: A L Dawn French
ISBN: 9781530516346
Pages: 34 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 36.77 Mb


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