Download Solar Hot Water : Choosing, Fitting and Using a System – Lee Rose pdf

Solar Hot Water : Choosing, Fitting and Using a System

solar hot water: choosing, fitting and using a system provides detailed information about solar-heated water systems and is particularly applicable to domestic dwellings in the UK, although many of the principles described are widely adopted throughout the developed world. Lee Rose has 10 years of experience and involvement in consulting, training and installation work, field trials, technical research, and developmental thinking in the solar thermal industry in the UK and around the world. He combines this with a passionate personal commitment to making the best use of solar energy – the earth's most abundant energy resource. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to every aspect of solar hot water, including all relevant equipment, components, system design and installation and even how to build your own solar panels.

Author: Lee Rose
ISBN: 9780954917197
Pages: 272 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 14.60 Mb


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