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Handbook of Surveillance Technologies

From officially sanctioned, high-tech operations to budget spy cameras and cell phone video, this updated and expanded edition of a bestselling handbook reflects the rapid and significant growth of the surveillance industry. The Handbook of Surveillance Technologies, Third Edition is the only comprehensive work to chronicle the background and current applications of the full-range of surveillance technologies-offering the latest in surveillance and privacy issues.*Cutting-Edge-updates its bestselling predecessor with discussions on social media, GPS circuits in cell phones and PDAs, new GIS systems, Google street-viewing technology, satellite surveillance, sonar and biometric surveillance systems, and emerging developments *Comprehensive-from sonar and biometric surveillance systems to satellites, it describes spy devices, legislation, and privacy issues-from their historical origins to current applications-including recent controversies and changes in the structure of the intelligence community at home and abroad *Modular-chapters can be read in any order-browse as a professional reference on an as-needed basis-or use as a text forSurveillance Studies courses Using a narrative style and more than 950 illustrations, this handbook will help journalists/newscasters, privacy organizations, and civic planners grasp technical aspects while also providing professional-level information for surveillance studies, sociology and political science educators, law enforcement personnel, and forensic trainees. It includes extensive resource information for further study at the end of each chapter.Covers the full spectrum of surveillance systems, including: Radar * Sonar * RF/ID * Satellite * Ultraviolet * Infrared * Biometric * Genetic * Animal * Biochemical * Computer * Wiretapping * Audio * Cryptologic * Chemical * Biological * X-Ray * Magnetic

Author: J. K. Petersen
ISBN: 9781439873151
Pages: 1040 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 36.67 Mb


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