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Greening Health Care Facilities : Obstacles and Opportunities

In recent years, proponents of green building have made significant progress in combating the widespread public perception that use of green materials and processes in real estate development is expensive and ultimately not cost effective. The successful development of numerous green residential and office buildings have been helpful in rebutting this popular misconception time and time again,and there is an emerging consensus that green building methods and materials can in result in cost savings over the long term. Building a green medical facility is not simple, and requires expertise in the use of sustainable materials and processes that characterize green building generally, as well as a sophisticated understanding of the unique challenges, needs, and standards that are associated with building a asset for the delivery of health care. There are limitations of green options for an inpatient healthcare facility due to indoor air quality requirements, and infection prevention. A hybrid version of a large green healthcare facility with some non-green elements to protect inpatient concerns should be an idea passed along to health care officials and developers as a viable option.

Author: Zachary Lebwohl
ISBN: 9783838369433
Pages: 68 pages
Format: PDF
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